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Sir Milky Quartz is a narrative, collection and journey born from the process of nesting into home life and one’s personal style.  Our collection is sustainably upcycled and thoughtfully procured both locally and globally to bring you a look which is uniquely Sir Milky Quartz.

Welcome to Our Workshop

Welcome to Our Workshop


We welcome you into our home! Located in the lovely city of Providence, RI where myself, Savannah Marie, my partner Nicholas and our two adorable bunny children reside. In this space we live, love, get cozy and passionately create. This workshop is the nesting grounds of Sir Milky Quartz, the place where our collected finds take a moment of rest while they are imagined upon. In this bright room, the sunlight touches each object throughout the day teaching new ways to observe old things. In these things, I see many narratives, many cultures, many hands and many materials all coming together to a point in the present to begin something new.

Over time this will be a place where we can share what we are working on, what inspires us and things that we deeply care about. Please check in! 


Sir Milky Quartz