Kokedama Ball, Spider Plant

Kokedama Ball, Spider Plant


Kokedama Ball: Spider Plant

Handmade kokedama ball with spider plant, ready for hanging. Care for it by simply soaking it in a bowl of water when the moss is dry to touch or every week.

Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai, where a plants root system is wrapped in a soil mixture and live moss and then bound with twine. Transforming the plant into a sculptural hanging plant form for your and it’s enjoyment. The plants we use at SMQ to create these Kokedama balls love the moist environment that the moss provides making these happy little microcosms.

Made to order, please allow for an additional week for production prior to shipping. If you need your plant ASAP please email us at hello@sirmilkyquartz.com to inquire about kokedama balls we already have in stock.


This listing is for one Kokedama ball with Spider Plant.

*No returns on plants

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All items handmade, collected and upcycled are unique and one of a kind. With this in mind, each piece has its own characteristic display of the hand, and of history. These aspects are welcomed at Sir Milky Quartz and are therefore not considered flaws. If there are any major issues with the pieces ie. stains, cracks etc. we will make sure to include it in the listing. Please take this into consideration when making your purchases.

If there are any details you have questions or concerns about please feel free to contact us at hello@sirmilkyquartz.com.


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